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Load N Go Junk Removal LLC strives to provide our customers with quick and hassle-free services.   
See some common questions we get below!

Load N Go will take just about everything. Common items we take are furniture, appliances, yard debris,
and post construction debris.

Our pricing is based on volume. The more space your items take up in our mobile dumpster, the more
the cost increases.

Load N Go does not take any hazardous chemicals or materials. Such materials include motor vehicle
fluids (oil, transmission fluid, coolant, gasoline), wet paint, and car batteries. Such items should be
disposed of at your local convenience center.

Load N Go continues to improve their Service portfolio, please see our Services page for the lastest information.

You can book your appointment online today!

Our dumpster has the capacity to hold an industry leading 18 cubic yards of junk. These large dumpsters
allow us to make fewer trips to the dump, which saves our customers money and reduces emissions.

Load N Go often works with our customers remotely. We can always send completion photos and take
payment over the phone if you can’t make it to the appointment.

Yes! Load N Go carries the highest insurance premiums in the industry to ensure our customers and staff
are properly covered. We are licensed to do business in the entire state of South Carolina. are a good fit for them.

Yes! Ask about our first responder, active duty, and veteran discounts!

Yes! Load N Go has multiple trucks available for large jobs with lots of junk.

Absolutely. Our team of professionals have seen it and done it all. Hoarding can be a difficult situation to
navigate for the person and their friends and family. You can feel confident in our team to get the job
done in a respectful and professional manner.

Not a problem! Load N Go can send more than one truck, or take a second trip to get all of the
remaining junk out.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.